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Lizard Wizard Stickers!

Lizard Wizard Stickers!

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Which Lil Wizarding Lizard?


♡ Read below for a lil bio on each wizarding lizard :D

♡ Here are some Lil lizard wizards to liven up your sketchbook cover, laptop, phone case, skateboard, and more!

♡ Sizes: - Bearded Dragon: 3.75x3" - Leopard Gecko: 3x3" - Frilled Lizard: 3x3.5"

♡ Art is made by me :) 

♡ Materials: - Laminated Waterproof/Weatherproof Material ♡♡♡♡ 

♡ HAROLD The Bearded Dragon: the Alchemist Harold was a quiet, introspective young bearded dragon who found himself drawn to books on potions and alchemy. His father had hoped Harold would follow his trade as an innkeeper and take over management of the Hopping Lizards tavern when he retired. But Harold's mother knew that such a future was not in store for young Harold. Despite his fathers griping about the expense, she sent him to the elite School of Alchemy in the great holdfast of Darkmere forest. There Harold’s studious nature and quick mind served him well and he became one of the brightest pupils in the prestigious school’s history. When the plague of dancing death struck the village of Paundew, Harold alone was able to determine the cause was necromancy and brew a potion to end the curse. Though Harold earned the fierce wrath of Shawowfell the Necromantic Newt, he became a hero to the hundreds he saved. Upon his graduation Harold was offered a post at the great school, but he found that saving the village had awakened in him a desire to use his power to serve. He now wanders the lands brewing his tinctures and salves to heal and save the forest folk he encounters.

♡ ISLA The Leopard Gecko: The Seer Isla’s powers of prophecy first manifested when the young leopard gecko foretold the death of her father at the deadly claws of the great cat beast of Faunmor. Sadly no one believed her dire warnings and it was not till after his tragic death that her mother recognized that her daughter would be a seer of great power. Isla was sent to study under the tutelage of the great Lizard Diviner, Graybil the Farseer. She crafter her first mystic tarot deck at the age of 15, fully five younger than any other student Graybil had taught. Haunted by the death of her father, she vowed that she would use her power to save others from needlessly suffering as she had suffered as a child. Now she travels the land, using her powers to avert the many tragedies that she foresees. Secretly she bides her time until she glimpses in her arcane arts the way to fell the evil cat beast of Faunmor and have her revenge!

♡ JADE The Frilled Lizard: The Fire Elementalist Jade was chosen at a young age by the great fire wyrm, Vermithraul the Brightstar, who recognized the young frilled lizard as a future master of the flame. Though his apprenticeship at the foot of the demanding Firemaster was difficult, Jade studied hard and strove to master the ways of the Burning Brand. When Jade subverted and ultimately ended the great fire of Darkmere Forest saving thousands of forest creatures’ lives, Vermithraul was forced to recognize that his apprentice was ready to become a journeyman and leave his masters service. Jade was excited to adventure in the world, but soon found that land was a darker place than he had ever expected. The strong preyed upon the weak and justice was in short supply throughout the realm. Jade’s fiery temperament would not allow him to let such injustice stand and he has sworn a sacred oath to use his great powers to serve the powerless. 



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